School admission appeals

The school admission appeal process

The independent appeal panel makes its decision in private with our Education Appeals Clerk present. The panel members consider all the evidence and the answers given to any questions. The clerk guides the members as to the requirements of the law and records their decision.

The appeal panel will decide either:

  • to uphold the appeal - in which case your child will be admitted to the school
  • to dismiss the appeal - in which case you will not be offered a place at the school

The clerk will send the decision in writing to all parties as soon as possible and by no later than five school days after the hearing. You will not be advised of the decision over the telephone or in person.

Please note: where appeals for the same year at the same school are heard over several days, decisions are not made until after the last appeal is heard.

If you have not received a decision letter within two weeks of the hearing, please email

See Section 18 of our guidance for parents for further information.

If your appeal isn't successful

If your appeal is unsuccessful, there is no further right of appeal.

If you believe that the appeal panel acted improperly or unreasonably in considering your case, you can complain to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman. The ombudsman can investigate the procedures. The ombudsman cannot overturn the decision.

If the parent or admission authority successfully applies for judicial review in the courts, the decision can be overturned, but may not be (see section 22 of our guidance for parents for further information).

Withdrawing your appeal

If you change your mind, you can withdraw your appeal form. Please email to confirm you are withdrawing your appeal.