School admission appeals

How to appeal a school admission decision

Start a new appeal Check your appeal's progress

To start a new appeal, you'll need to:

  • state clearly the reasons why it’s best for your child to go to this school
  • use a separate form for each school, if appealing for more than one school
  • ensure your child is in education while the arrangements are made for your appeal – you can accept a place at another school while you wait for your appeal to be heard

View or download our guidance notes for the appeal system (PDF)

To request a paper appeal form, please call us on 0300 300 8029.


You must return the form(s) by the deadline stated on your offer letter.

If your form is received after the deadline, your appeal might not be heard at the same time as the appeals that were received on time.

You will receive an automatic acknowledgement to confirm that the appeal form has been received. If you do not receive the confirmation, please email the Education Appeals Clerk ( with the name of the school that you are appealing for, the child’s name and date of birth to enable us to investigate.

Schools that manage their own appeals

The following schools manage their own appeals:

Please contact the school directly, if you wish to appeal a school admission decision.