Quick guide to planning

Understanding whether planning permission is required

Have I got permitted development rights to extend / alter my house?

Information about Permitted Development Rights. If there is any doubt, we advise you to submit an e-form before going ahead.

Do I need permission to drop the kerb to provide vehicular access?

Information about dropped kerbs can be found on our website. If there is any doubt, we advise you to submit a dropped kerb dropped kerb eform before going ahead.

What is the established use of the site / premise?

Planning site history is the record of all planning applications and decisions attached to a site. Our Interactive Map allows you to search planning files, decision notices and the planning history on a site. However, if the database shows no established use then please submit a general enquiry eform as it may be that the documents are stored on microfiche and therefore a written request needs to be submitted to access these documents. Please note there is a 60-day response time and fee for this service.

Do I need planning permission for a change of use?

Information regarding the Use Classes Order is available on the Planning Portal website. In the first instance please review the Planning Portal information. If you are unable to establish the information you require and you would like us to advised us whether a proposed change of use requires planning permission a pre-application enquiry should be submitted. Please note there is a fee for this service, details can be found on the planning fees webpage.

Do I need to apply for change of use for amenity land to garden?

Information about change of use are available on the Planning Portal. However, if there is any doubt, we advise you to submit a general enquiry eform in the first instance before going ahead.

Is planning permission needed to rent my property out?

Planning permission may be required if you are going to use your property as a House in Multiple Occupation (i.e. occupied by a number of individual residents rather than a family). It is not required if you are renting your property out for a single household / family. We advise you to submit a general enquiry eform before going ahead.

Can I get pre-application advice?

Yes, we offer a pre-application advice service to potential applicants, in which we will assign an officer to review all the policies that your proposals will be judged against, such as whether your house is in a conservation area or is a listed building and to make a judgement on the acceptability of your proposal.

You can gather your own information through the website and you may wish to refer to the Interactive Map, which has information on the policies relating to your area, and want to check what other people have applied for in the area through the planning application database.

There is a fee for this service, details can be found on the planning fees webpage.