Quick guide to planning

Understanding whether planning permission is required

Have I got permitted development rights to extend/alter my house?

Visit the Planning Portal for Information about permitted development rights. Your deeds and information pack on the purchase of your property should include details in terms of any restrictions on permitted development rights, so please refer to these in the first instance. If you haven’t been able to find what you need, you can ask for us to carry out a check, this is a paid-for service.

Complete the Permitted Development Rights check form and make payment of £131.71The form will direct you to a payment page to allow you to complete your payment and submit your request, you will not be able to submit a request unless the payment has been made. On receipt of the completed form and payment, your request will be logged and allocated to an officer to investigate.

How can I confirm that my project to extend/ alter my house is permitted development and does not require planning permission?

If you believe that the extension/ alteration to your property would not require planning permission, because it would be permitted development, you can seek confirmation of this from us. You would need to submit an application or a Lawful Development Certificate.

This would provide written confirmation as to whether the proposal is considered permitted development for which express planning permission from us would not be required.

Do I need permission to drop the kerb to provide vehicular access?

Visit the dropped kerbs section on our website for full information.

What is the planning history of the site / premises?

Planning site history is the record of all planning applications and decisions attached to a site. Our Interactive Map allows you to search planning files, decision notices and the planning history on a site.

Do I need planning permission for a change of use?

Information regarding the Use Classes Order is available on the Planning Portal website. In the first instance please review the Planning Portal information. If you are unable to establish the information you require and you would like us to advise whether a proposed change of use requires planning permission a pre-application enquiry should be submitted.

Do I need to apply for change of use for amenity land to garden?

The change of use of amenity land to enclosed garden land would be considered a change of use. If you require further information about your proposal, a pre-application enquiry should be submitted.

Is planning permission needed to rent my property out?

Planning permission may be required if you are going to use your property as a House of Multiple Occupation (i.e. occupied by a number of individual residents rather than a family). It is not required if you are renting your property out for a single household/family. If you are uncertain as to whether or not you need planning permission for this purpose, please submit a pre-application enquiry.

Can I receive pre-application advice?

Yes, we offer a pre-application enquiry service to potential applicants, in which we will assign an officer to review all the policies that your proposals will be judged against, such as whether your house is in a conservation area or is a listed building and to make a judgement on the acceptability of your proposal.

You can gather your own information through the website and you may wish to refer to the Interactive Map, which has information on the policies relating to your area, and want to check what other people have applied for in the area through the planning application database.

There is a fee for this service.

Where can I find out information about planning permission?

The Planning applications and appeals – quick search page allows you to search for planning applications that have been registered and determined by us. The data that is displayed on these pages is updated daily.

How can I find out if conditions on a planning permission have been discharged?

Planning permissions can be granted subject to several conditions. Details of what has been submitted in relation to conditions and what has been approved can be found using our planning application database in a number of ways.

From 10 January 2020, the details submitted to discharge conditions changed to new individual applications and given the suffix (DOC). You will be able to find out about these discharge of condition applications by searching the planning application database using the site address or using the interactive maps on My Central Bedfordshire. This will bring up all applications relevant to the site and you will be able to see any Discharge of condition applications received. This will include information of what condition has been discharged and any relevant information accompanying it.

Prior to this date, all the discharge of condition information that we have available would be under the original case reference and can be found using the site address or original application number using the planning application database.

If you haven’t been able to find what you need, you can ask for us to carry out a check, this is a paid-for service. Complete the Discharge of Condition check form and make payment of £131.71.

Miscellaneous planning queries – can I speak to a planning officer?

Contact a case officer

If you have submitted a planning application and wish to discuss the application please contact the case officer directly, details are provided on your acknowledgement letter.

If you are a neighbour and wish to discuss a planning application that may affect you then please contact the case officer directly.

To find out the progress of an application visit the online planning register and search via the address or application reference number.

Find out how to comment on a planning application, what issues can be considered and to submit online comments.

Fees and validation enquiries?

If your query relates to planning fees, validation requirements, or how to submit an application please visit make a planning application pages for further information. If you require further assistance please contact our planning team.

Other queries

Before submitting a query?

Please read through the quick guide to planning and make a planning application prior to submitting your query as these sections contain frequently asked questions and will provide useful general advice which may assist you.

If you require the following:

Pre-application advice?

To seek pre-application advice, you will need to submit a pre-application enquiry with relevant fee and documentation.