Dropped kerb - applications, conditions and limitations

Dropped kerb

About dropped kerbs

As the highway authority, we have a duty to regulate the placement and construction of dropped kerbs under Section 184 of the Highways Act 1980.

If you wish to park your car on your property, a suitable hardstanding must be available and the kerb will need to be approved and installed. This might include having the pavement strengthened. It is illegal to drive over the pavement or verge without a dropped kerb.

Where the occupiers of two adjoining properties share a driveway and wish to build a double-width dropped kerb to serve the two properties, one occupier should act on behalf of both parties.

We have to install the dropped kerb. In some instances, you will need to liaise with several of our services. To aid you through the process, the following pages have been created to help you determine how to proceed.

If a dropped kerb is permitted, applications are dealt with as individual cases. Residents will be informed of timescales and cost following a paid-for site visit by our highways team.

Grant for disabled people

If you are disabled and feel a dropped kerb will assist your access between your house and the road, you may be eligible for a disabled facilities grant (DFG). An assessment from our occupational therapy team (0300 300 8050) will be required that may lead to a referral for a grant.

Major adaptations for our tenants do not require a grant; however, an assessment from our occupational therapy team is still required.

What to do next

Please read the conditions and limitations that you need to be aware of before proceeding to the checklist. Please go through each section and be clear that you are eligible before proceeding with your online application.