Exclusion from school

The Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is made up of at least 3 governors who consider cases of exclusion. The headteacher, together with other school staff will attend the meeting of the Committee to present the case for exclusion. A representative of the local authority may attend to offer procedural advice and will always attend in the case of a permanent exclusion from a maintained school and by invitation only at an academy. As a parent, you can ask a friend or advocate to accompany you.

If the Discipline Committee does not uphold the headteacher’s decision to exclude, it will direct the headteacher to reinstate the child. The Committee has no power to direct reinstatement if the exclusion is for 5 days or less, or the exclusion has already been served. It can, however, place a copy of its findings on the child’s school record. If the Discipline Committee does uphold the headteacher’s decision you will be advised of this in writing.

An excluded child can usually attend the Discipline Committee, subject to his / her age and understanding, to give their own explanation of what happened.

If you are the parent of a child who has been / may be excluded, you can obtain help and advice from an Inclusion Officer (Central Bedfordshire Access and Inclusion Service) by calling 0300 300 6924.