Consultation: Clophill roundabout congestion easing

The plans – Clophill roundabout consultation

Consultation closed: Monday, 11 July 2022
Consultation opened: Monday, 16 May 2022

Based on the new traffic analysis we are proposing to improve the roundabout layout with two lanes in and out of each arm of the roundabout. The footbridge would be removed but four new toucan crossings for pedestrians and cyclists would be introduced, one on each of the four arms. A toucan crossing is wider than pelican and puffin crossings with green synchronised signals for cyclists and pedestrians. 

The project would make a big difference for residents and people using the popular route. It would provide a new, improved layout and more capacity to reduce queuing particularly during the busy periods when people are going to and from work. 

Enhancements to the walking and cycling routes close to the junction would provide better access for people living nearby and make it easier and safer to cross these busy roads.

The improvements would save road users time, make the road safer and help encourage more active travel.

Plans for the roundabout and approaches

The improved roundabout scheme would create two entry and exit lanes on all arms of the roundabout. This would enable more vehicles to use the roundabout at any one time and help traffic flow better through the junction. We would remove the layby on the A507 west approach (the existing snack van plans to move to another nearby layby at Maulden Woods) to widen the road. There are other laybys along the route for road users to take a break if needed. 

We would introduce new ground-level signalised (toucan) crossings for pedestrians and cyclists on all four arms of the roundabout. These easy-to-use and familiar crossings would be an improvement on the current situation as there is only a footbridge, with its potentially restrictive long ramps, on one arm and no crossing points on the other three arms.

The footbridge would be removed with a toucan crossing installed in its place.

The new traffic analysis showed there would still be journey time savings for motorists with the four toucan crossings installed. 

The proposed crossing locations are:

  • A507 (west) – close to Pine View Park to enable the park residents to safely cross the road
  • A507 (east) – where the existing footbridge crosses over the road
  • A6 (north) – just north of Clophill Road providing good access to and from The Green / High Street; this supports the Greensand Cycleway (national cycle network route)
  • A6 (south) – close to the petrol station and Old Silsoe Road

Additional footpaths would link to these crossings providing much-improved routes that are safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

The 40mph speed limit would be extended on both A507 arms so motorists so slow down earlier before reaching the crossings and the roundabout.

The bus stop on the A6 (north) would move to the bus stop on The Green in Clophill. The proposed new one-way route around The Green and a slip road out and back onto the A6 would also make it easier for buses to manoeuvre in and out of Clophill. Bus service journey times should see an improvement at peak times to adhering to their timetables, with less congestion and better traffic flow through the roundabout.

Simulation of the proposed plans

We have created a simulation to show how the proposed improved roundabout would work and the potential changes.

Other work carried out at the same time to minimise future disruption

We plan to use the timings of this scheme to carry out other nearby road improvement work. This would reduce disruption in the future by having all the work completed at the same time.

We would carry out additional road resurfacing work on the A507 eastern and western arms, the A6 southern arm and the High Street in Clophill.

We would also introduce a new one-way route around a section of The Green in Clophill (the part that runs past the pub) and carry out resurfacing works. This scheme, approved by our Traffic Management Meeting, would improve the parking arrangements and help the bus services move around The Green. The existing disabled bay would remain in the same space.

View or download the Traffic Management Meeting document (PDF) for more details.