Consultation: Clophill roundabout congestion easing

The footbridge – Clophill roundabout consultation

Consultation closed: Monday, 11 July 2022
Consultation opened: Monday, 16 May 2022

One of our key considerations is whether we should remove the footbridge over the A507 and replace it with a toucan crossing which is a ground-level signalised crossing allowing pedestrians and cyclists to use it at the same time.

Our original traffic analysis was based on removing the bridge. Removing the footbridge would mean we can widen the road and have two lanes coming in and out of the roundabout. If we keep the footbridge the eastern arm of the roundabout would remain with one entry and exit lane and this would mean the roundabout changes are not as effective at easing congestion or able to cope more effectively with increased traffic in the future.

During the community engagement, there were conflicting views on the footbridge. Some people wanted the footbridge retained as they felt it was well used and provided a safer crossing point than a toucan crossing. Other people were happy for it to go, as they thought it was ugly and wasn’t used very much. They felt a toucan crossing would make crossing the road easier for people who struggle with the long ramps leading up and down the footbridge.

After listening to feedback during the community engagement on the plans, in April 2022, we carried out further traffic analysis.

The findings showed that retaining the footbridge has a negative impact on journey times because we cannot widen the road to include two lanes. Having two entry and exit lanes on each arm is important as it maintains an even flow of traffic entering and leaving the roundabout from all four arms.

Our modelling data highlighted motorists travelling on the A507 eastbound and westbound would experience longer journey times in the future if we keep the footbridge and make the other changes.

View or download the new traffic modelling data (PDF)

We also carried out surveys to see how many people used the footbridge on Saturday 16 April and Wednesday 20 April. The results were:

  • on Saturday 16 April a total of 120 people crossed the bridge (60 in both directions)
  • on Wednesday 20 April a total of 73 people crossed the bridge (41 south and 32 north)