Consultation: Clophill roundabout congestion easing

Listening to the community – Clophill roundabout consultation

Consultation closed: Monday, 11 July 2022
Consultation opened: Monday, 16 May 2022

There are some really important elements of the scheme that we wanted to explore with the local communities to ensure it brings maximum benefit. With that in mind, we presented initial proposals to nearby parish councils, local businesses and the community. This feedback has been considered and has helped us develop the plans we are now consulting on. 

As a result of these conversations, we understand there are some areas of concern. This engagement has helped us to refine the following proposals.

Concern: Make it safer to cross the roads

We're looking to include toucan crossings on all arms of the roundabout.

Concern: Mixed views about replacing the footbridge with a toucan crossing

We've carried out further analysis to understand the impact of retaining the bridge.

Concern: Speeding traffic

We're extending the 40mph speed limit zone on the A507 eastbound. They already exist on other arms. 

A lower speed limit on this type of road would not be appropriate. 

The real issue is driver behaviour and compliance with changing speed limits. We would, therefore: 

  • explore installing vehicle-activated speed warning signs
  • engage with the local Speedwatch group to raise awareness and monitor the speed limits at the roundabout once the scheme is finished

Ensure the pedestrian crossings are visible to motorists as they leave the roundabout so they go at appropriate speeds.

Ensure road signs warning drivers about pedestrian crossings are highly visible.

Concern: There would be increased traffic through local routes (rat runs)

Warren Lane is often used as an alternative route to avoid the roundabout. Traffic calming is already planned on this road and we would ensure this is in place before the roundabout works start so the route is less attractive.

Clear diversions would be in place. Diversions have to be on roads of equivalent standard and signed appropriately.

We would include an additional sign on the A507 westbound towards Shefford advising motorists to follow diversions.

There would always be some drivers with local knowledge using other routes.

Concern: Incidents on the A507 towards Shefford (Eagle bends)

We've previously agreed to reduce the speed limit on this section of the A507 to 40mph. This is scheduled to be completed later this year.

Concern: Buses will not be able to get around The Green

Northbound buses already go around The Green.

Issues are experienced when motorists park vehicles inconsiderately and block access. We would look to increase parking enforcement and signage.

Concern: Why does the bus stop need to move from the A6 to Clophill village?

There isn’t enough room to widen the road and keep the bus stop on the A6.

Buses going into the village would make them more accessible for the residents and support the village.

Concern: What about the snack van in the A507 layby near Pine View Park?

This is moving to the layby on the A6 at Maulden Woods.