Bins and waste collections, food waste bags, garden waste sacks and missed bins

Have you received a red ‘sorry’ tag?

Sorry tagIf you have received a red ‘sorry’ tag (PDF 84.8KB) on your recycling bin it’s because it contains the wrong items or waste inside it. Unfortunately, this means that the collection crews cannot empty it.

Examples of the wrong waste include:

  • waste in black sacks
  • bags filled with recycling (all recycling should be loose)
  • food waste
  • reusable textiles
  • glass
  • polystyrene

What should you do next?

If you receive a red 'sorry' tag, please remove the incorrect items and place your bin out on your next scheduled collection day.

We will not return to empty your bin before the next scheduled collection day. You can take your waste to the tip if you cannot wait until your next scheduled collection day.

Avoiding the wrong waste in the wrong bin

You can check what goes into each bin: