Black bin - household waste

We provide a black wheelie bin for refuse. This is collected fortnightly.

Your black bin is for household waste that cannot be recycled through any recycling collections or facilities available to you.

Please note: we won't collect any additional waste left next to your bin.

Types of waste that can go in the black bin

You can put in:

  • disposable nappies
  • tissues
  • items heavily contaminated with food
  • pet bedding and bagged pet waste
  • soft or flexible plastics such as biscuit wrappers, confectionary wrappers and carrier bags (please note these can be taken to supermarkets)
  • bagged waste
  • compostable or biodegradable bags and packaging 

Types of waste that cannot go in the black bin

You cannot put in:

  • recyclable items
  • batteries*
  • small electrical items such as kettles and hairdryers*
  • rubble, soil, large amounts of garden waste and DIY waste
  • uncontained liquid waste (including paint)
  • car batteries
  • anything that will cause the bin to be too heavy to be moved or emptied
  • any hazardous or clinical waste - these have to be treated and/or disposed of in a special way
  • commercial/business waste

*Bag separately and place next to your recycling or refuse bin. Please don't place in your bin, as batteries and electricals can cause fires.*

Order a black bin

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