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Street names and numbering

If you want to give your home or business property a name, or change the existing name, you must contact Building Control. We will make the necessary checks before confirming as accepted and will update the Council’s and the Royal Mail’s address database. This is essential to allow the emergency services to find you and for credit and financial services to confirm your address.

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House names and numbers

If your house has a number, you must legally keep this as part of your address, although you can add a house name.

If a house is built on an in-fill site between existing properties, it will be given a number which follows on from the existing properties. In many cases this will have to be a suffix of the adjoining number i.e. 11a, 19b.

Street names

The selection of new street names requires careful consideration to ensure that they are suitable for the area and will not conflict with or duplicate any existing names within the vicinity.

Building Control are responsible for the replacement repair and maintenance of street name plates when this becomes necessary, either due to accidental damage, vandalism or normal wear and tear. In the case of a new development, the developer is responsible for the erection of name plates.

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