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Most building work, whether new, alterations, extensions or change of use, requires building regulations approval. You can make one of two types of application - full plans or building notice. For further information see the Planning Portal.

Full plans application

Extending, altering or building a non-domestic building usually needs a full plans application. You need to send us detailed plans, specifications and structural calculations. We’ll issue an approval notice if the plans meet regulations, or contact you if plans need amendments or must be rejected.

If the work is carried out in line with the approved plans, it will meet the regulations, and you can give the approval notice to mortgage lenders solicitors, and surveyors.

You can make a full plans application online or download a full plans application form (PDF 153.4KB) .

Building notice

Building notice approval allows building work to be carried out without detailed plans. It is used when the work is straight forward, and the builder knows the regulations well.

We inspect the work as it proceeds, and may request further information such as structural design calculations, construction details and specifications of materials. You can save time and money by not having to prepare and submit detailed plans, but if the completed work does not meet regulations, there may be a delay and extra costs to correct it.

You can make a building notice application online or download a building control application form (PDF 147.2KB) .


You can apply for a regularisation certificate for unauthorised building work carried out on or after 11 November 1985 and which should have been submitted to the Building Regulations procedures.

Please call us on 0300 300 8635 or email

You can apply for a Regularisation Certificate online or download a Regularisation Certificate application form (PDF 146.7KB) .

Charges and fees

The charges for building regulation applications are a standard charge or, for larger schemes, individually determined on a scheme-by-scheme basis.

Standard charges

Read our guidance on standard charges (PDF 156.2KB) , for information about:

  • domestic extensions and alterations
  • new dwellings
  • most other work

We give reductions on standard charges for repetitive or repeated work from an owner of plans which have already been approved by us. Please email for an individual assessment of the charge for this type of work.

Individually determined charges

If the charge for your building work is not listed in the guidance on standard charges (PDF 156.2KB) , it will be calculated individually. In this instance, please email, (with 'Request for building regulation charge' in the subject line) with a description of the intended work. We will contact you within 24 hours. You can also telephone us on 0300 300 8635.

Involve us early

We welcome early involvement, particularly on larger projects, prior to you submitting a building regulations application. Involving us early will give you the maximum amount of support to achieve a rapid approval of your scheme.

Payment of charges

  • plan charge - This charge is payable when you submit your application
  • inspection charge - This charge is payable after the first inspection on site by our surveyors. You will be invoiced for the charge and it will cover all subsequent inspections
  • building notice charge - This charge is payable when you submit your application

If you'd like to see our full charges scheme, please email and we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

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Our Building Control Privacy Statement

We collect and hold limited personal information to help us provide our Building Control Service to you. We gather agent and applicant names, addresses and contact details from application form details.

Applications are made by a building owner or an agent acting on an owner’s behalf online, by post, by email or by telephone and this is held securely in our back office system and only used it to help us administer and enforce Building Regulation compliance for each case that we receive.

We treat this data as personal information which is normally retained for 15 years and then removed unless we have any ongoing or unresolved enforcement issues. Building Regulation personal application details are not put up on our website nor made available online for public access.