Building control service

Inspecting work


Please refer to your ‘inspection service plan’ for details of the stages of construction that need to be notified to us

Further information about inspection stages can be found on the LABC Front Door website

Inspection requests

Please contact us at least one day before an inspection is required and no later than 3:30pm the day before.

Please use our Inspection App to request an inspection. Find out more about the app LABC Site Inspection app.

Alternatively, contact us by email or phone our 24-hour hotline 0300 300 8635 no later than 3:30pm the day before and tell us:

  • the site address
  • the application reference number
  • what the inspection is for/the stage of work
  • your contact details


At the completion of the project, where no contraventions are identified and no non-compliant work is flagged to you and the work is considered satisfactory, you will receive a Completion Certificate.