Development framework

Monitoring Report and Local Aggregate Assessment

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requires every local authority to produce an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) setting out information relating to:

  • the status of Development Plans and their replacement through the Framework
  • planning applications
  • policy usage
  • core indicators
  • minerals
  • waste
  • problems that need to be addressed before the next annual monitoring report

Each Annual Monitoring Report informed the public on applications determined and progress made on the Minerals and Waste Development Framework.

Since 2012, the Monitoring Report follows a slightly different format to that previously used. Legislation requires Monitoring Reports to be updated when information becomes available, rather than on an annual basis.

We will update this when significant development management decisions and achievements to the Minerals and Waste Local Plan occur.

This means that some sections will be updated more frequently than others will. Each section states when the section was last updated.

Current Monitoring Report (PDF 154KB)

The AMR 2012 summary report (PDF 14.5KB)

The annual monitoring report for 2011/12 (PDF 14.5KB)

Local Aggregate Assessments

In 2012, the government set a requirement for mineral planning authorities to produce a Local Aggregate Assessment (LAA) on an annual basis, to ensure that an adequate supply of aggregate minerals is maintained.

Our LAA includes:

  • a forecast of demand for aggregates based on existing reserves and the agreed apportionment
  • an assessment as to whether a 7 year land bank for sand and gravel has been met
  • information on existing sites, strategic sites and geology of the area
  • information on sources of recycled and secondary aggregates
  • and information of aggregate imports into the Plan area

Bedfordshire Authorities LAA 2014-15 (PDF 2.4MB)

Bedfordshire Authorities LAA 2013 (PDF 948.3KB)

Bedfordshire Authorities LAA 2012 (PDF 1.4MB)

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