Support for carers

Breaks for carers

Taking a break from your caring role is important. It allows you to rest, recharge your batteries and relax.

It's only natural that you may worry about taking a break from the person you look after. You may feel responsible for that person's wellbeing, and worried about how the person will cope without you.

In order to access support to take a break from your caring role, you will need to be assessed by us. Take a look at the carer's assessment page to see if you are eligible.

There are different options available to you.

Carer’s break

If you are eligible for support from the council we will assist you to establish what would most help you.

This could include a direct payment to pay towards an activity to provide a break from caring (e.g., a gym membership).

Respite care

Respite care allows you to take a proper break from your role. This could mean taking a holiday, visiting friends or family for a few days, or even just spending an evening out with friends.

How long a break you take depends on your needs - you may need a few hours to yourself each week, a day here and there, a week or two for a holiday, or a mixture.

Carers’ vouchers

If you’re not eligible for a Carers Direct Payment, we may offer Carers' Vouchers. The vouchers provide a paid carer, from a Central Bedfordshire approved agency, to spend time with the person you care for while you take a break to help you have some personal time to yourself, socialise, have access to education or go to work.

Each voucher is worth 1 hour of care.

The vouchers provide this service to you as a carer rather than the person you care for. The vouchers should not be used for personal care services that should be provided by Health or Social Services to you as a carer or to the person you care for. Personal care includes moving and handling the person you care for and bathing.

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