Direct payments: adults and older people

What are direct payments for adults?

If you are eligible for support from us, then a personal budget allows you to spend the money allocated for that support in a way that best suits you, so that you can be as independent as possible.

Your personal budget is the total sum of money needed to pay for your social care.

When we assess your needs, we will check that you are eligible for help, then work out what specific help you need and calculate your personal budget accordingly.

We will also tell you whether you have to pay a contribution towards any support which you receive.

You will then be able to choose how the total sum of money is spent and take as much control over your own care as you feel comfortable with.

How does it work?

There are two methods of payment:

  • you can ask us to spend your personal budget and organise your support for you
  • or, you can ask us to give your personal budget money to you in the form of a direct payment. The money you receive will be the actual cost of those care services agreed in your support plan

Whichever method you choose you will have a support plan (PDF 444.4KB) , showing how your personal budget will be used to meet your needs.

We will develop your support plan with you, you can also have family, friends or another advocate with you.

If you choose to have a direct payment, you'll need to sign both the plan and a Direct Payment Agreement (a contract with us) - outlining your responsibilities.

You must be willing:

  • to manage the Direct Payment, although you can have additional support to do this
  • to appoint a 'suitable person' to manage the Direct Payment on your behalf if needed

Can I cancel my direct payment?

Yes. If you feel that the direct payment is not meeting your care needs, please call us on 0300 300 8033.

To discuss your options, or to end your direct payment please call our direct payments team on 0300 300 8341.