Direct payments: adults and older people

What can adult direct payments be used for?

The kinds of support which might be paid for using your personal budget include support:

  • in your own home (including support with washing and dressing, or completing household tasks)
  • to access healthy meals
  • with getting out and about, meeting people, and staying active
  • in accessing employment, education and training

If you choose to receive your personal budget as a direct payment then you will have greater flexibility about whom you pay to provide your support as long as they are safe, legal and meet your needs and agreed outcomes in your support plan.

Direct payments cannot be used for:

  • day to day living, i.e. rent, mortgage, food, heating or lighting
  • paying someone for providing help when they would ordinarily do so, e.g. employing a close relative living in the same household unless in special circumstances
  • buying council-provided services including permanent residential or nursing care
  • any activities that may bring the council into disrepute including all illegal activities