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Benefits and financial support for carers

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This page contains information about:

  • allowances, credits and Council Tax reductions
  • carers' parking permits 

Carers in Bedfordshire also operates a discount card for carers, in addition to the benefits on this page.

Allowances, credits and Council Tax reductions

Caring for someone else can mean spending more money to ensure the carer and the cared for person lives well. For example, keeping warm, eating healthily and taking a carer’s break are all very important to health and wellbeing and may incur extra expenditure.

Therefore, it's important to know that there is financial support and help available to you.

Carer's Allowance / Premium is paid to people who spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone.

Carer’s Credit is a National Insurance credit that helps build your entitlement to the State Pension. It makes sure there are no gaps in your National Insurance record. Carers need to be caring for 20 hours or more a week to qualify. 

Pension Credit / Income Support / Housing Benefit / Council Tax Benefit / Employment and Support Allowance – These are means tested benefits. Entitlement will depend on your financial circumstances.

Council Tax reductions - In Central Bedfordshire the Disabled Band Reduction scheme provides for a reduction in the Council Tax rate if an extra room is required for special needs, or if extra space is needed for wheelchair access indoors.

You can do an online check of your entitlement to benefits by using the government’s Benefits Adviser calculator.

Your local Citizens Advice office can help you with completing forms.

Carers' parking permits

Residents who receive regular care will normally qualify for a parking permit which can be used by the carer who visits them. With a carers' permit, your carer can park on the residential street where you see signs to say the bays are for resident permit holders.

Find out how to apply for a carers' parking permit

View residents’ parking zones