Support for carers

Support for young carers

Being a young carer

A young carer is a child or young person under 18 years of age who looks after or helps a family member who is ill, frail or disabled, this could be a parent or a brother or sister, like Francesca (link opens in new window)

Balancing being a carer and going to school

You may find that you have more responsibilities around the house than other people your age, and this can feel stressful or overwhelming at times. Sometimes you may feel under pressure to take time off school or college to help around the house, or may not have time to go out with your friends, do homework, or socialise like other people your age.

This video of Victoria (link opens in new window), and Stephan (link opens in new window) show how this is not uncommon for young carers.

Many young carers find it difficult to talk about being a carer. We call them undercover heroes (link opens in new window) because of the important, but often, unseen role they take on.

There are people who can help

Young carers tend to worry that people will think they aren't coping, or that their family will be split up if they don't carry on with their caring role. But it's important to understand there are organisations there to help and support you, so you can balance your caring responsibilities with your personal life and not miss out on things.

For more information talk to a teacher in a school or contact the Access and Referral Hub on 0300 300 8585.

Carers in Bedfordshire

Central Bedfordshire Council runs the service for young carers in Central Beds, but Carers in Bedfordshire offers young carers in Central Bedfordshire Carers Grants and an ID card. Sibling carers of children supported by the council's Children With Disabilities Service can also benefit from further support from Carers in Bedfordshire.