Support for carers

Carers' Delivery Partnership

We recognise the important role that carers provide in supporting the welfare of others. We will deliver access to support so that carers can maintain their health and wellbeing to lead as full a life as possible alongside their caring role.

The Carers’ Delivery Partnership will improve the quality of life for carers in Central Bedfordshire by:

  • promoting the mental and physical wellbeing of carers
  • enabling carers to have a life of their own outside of the caring role
  • providing access to information and flexible services
  • supporting carers to avoid financial hardship because of their caring role
  • protecting young carers from inappropriate caring roles

National Carers’ Strategy and Central Bedfordshire Carers’ Strategy

The Carers Strategy from GOV.UK details how local authorities, health trusts and other agencies work with local communities and carers to improve the services and support available to them.

Each council develops a local strategy for carers identifying the priorities for improving support and services for carers locally.

Structure of Carers’ Partnership Board meetings

The meetings are held every quarter and focus on what carers tell us about the services and support they need. The board is organised and run by Carers in Bedfordshire, which actively encourages as many carers to attend as possible.

Carers in Bedfordshire is a local charity which supports unpaid family carers across the whole of Bedfordshire.

For more information on meetings, contact: or