Support for carers

Carers' Strategy

Our Adult Carers Strategy for 2022 to 2027 (PDF) sets out ourvision, aims and priorities to support adults caring for family, friends or neighbours living or caring in Central Bedfordshire.

The strategy has been co-produced with carers living or caring in Central Bedfordshire. This means that carers helped us to think of ideas, share their views and write the strategy. The strategy also uses feedback from the Survey of Adult Carers in England (SACE), which is completed every 2 years across England. The survey asks carers who receive support from local authorities questions about their caring role and the impact it has on them.

Carers in Bedfordshire also surveyed carers registered with them and this was also used to develop the strategy.


Our priorities for 2022 to 2027 are:

Priority 1: Identifying, recognising and involving carers

We will work with partners across health and social care to identify carers and provide them with information, advice, guidance, and support. We will ask carers to help us design, commission and evaluate carers services.

Priority 2: A life alongside caring

We will support carers to have a break from their caring role in a way that suits them. This break could help carers to continue to work and to continue with their interests outside of their caring role. We will continue to make carers aware of opportunities for them to join activities in their communities or enjoy their hobbies and interests.

Priority 3: Supporting and improving the health and wellbeing of carers

We will make sure that health and wellbeing services are available for carers living or caring in Central Bedfordshire.

Priority 4: Supporting carers to learn more about their caring role and what is important to them

We will help carers to access the information and training they need to be able to continue in their caring role safely and appropriately. This may be information about health conditions or practical training such as manual handling.

Priority 5: A life after caring

We will support carers to adjust to a life after their caring role ends. This will include practical advice and support as well as emotional support. We will make former carers aware of things they can enjoy their communities, and make sure they are still included and can help us design, commission and evaluate services if they would like to.

Carers Programme Board

A Carers Programme Board is now in place to make sure the priorities are completed. This board is made up of:

  • Central Bedfordshire Council
  • The Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care Board
  • Carers in Bedfordshire
  • Mobilise
  • Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire

We will make sure that the board hears the voices of carers through the different groups and contact with carers that the above organisations have.