Taxi licence

Passenger information

Information for our customers:

  • a licensed vehicle will display a licence plate at the rear of the vehicle near the number plate and an identity card inside the front windscreen
  • licence plates and identity cards show the expiry date of the licence, the registration number, the licence number, make and model of the vehicle and number of passengers allowed
  • a private hire vehicle will display the information against a blue background and a hackney carriage against an orange background
  • private hire vehicles cannot be flagged down in the street or taken from a rank, they must be booked in advance
  • private hire vehicles are at liberty to set their own fares, this is usually negotiated with the customer and the operator and should be agreed before you undertake the journey
    all hackney carriages will have a tested and sealed meter
  • the fare is set by the local authority and an approved standard scale of charges should be displayed in the vehicle
  • it is an offence for the driver to impose additional charges other than those displayed, regardless of the size of the vehicle used or whether it is a wheelchair accessible vehicle 
  • always check that the meter is activated when you start the journey
  • a licensed driver must wear his identity badge clearly visible to his passengers. It will show the drivers picture, licence number and expiry date


If you wish to complain about a taxi / private hire operator or driver, please email

Fare information

Taxi tariff (PDF 5.5KB)

Fare explanation (PDF 3.6KB)

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