Council Tax bands and charges

New builds and converted properties

If you move to a newly-built property or a property which has recently been converted to domestic use, it might not have a Council Tax band straight away.

First, you need to tell us that you’ve moved.

Then, we'll arrange for the government to assess your property and allocate a Council Tax band. Find out how the government assesses your property.

In some cases we may have issued a completion notice if we decided that the property was substantially complete before you moved in. If the property is considered complete, you will be held liable for Council Tax from when you took ownership, even if you didn't move in straight away.

Paying Council Tax

We can't send you a Council Tax bill for your property until we know what band it has been allocated by the government. We will write to you, if this applies to you. If you are moving within Central Bedfordshire, your current instalments will stop and we will send you a closing bill for your old address.

If you would like to make provisional payments towards your Council Tax before you receive your bill for your new address, please email to let us know. Any payments you make will be offset against your charge when we send your bill, so your future instalments will be lower.

Council Tax Support, discounts and exemptions

If you will need financial support to help with your Council Tax, you must claim Council Tax Support straight away. Do not wait for your property to be banded. We will award your Council Tax Support as soon as we know what your charge is, but we can only pay you from when we receive your claim.

You can also apply for any discounts or exemptions you may be entitled to, and we will apply these when we calculate your bill.

After your property has been banded

The government will contact us to tell us that it has allocated a band for your property.

We will send you a new bill as soon as we know your property band. Your bill will tell you which band your property has been allocated.

We will:

  • work out how much you owe from the date you became liable for Council Tax at your property until the end of the financial year
  • add any credit or debit from your previous address, if you have moved within Central Bedfordshire
  • deduct any provisional payments you have chosen to make
  • apply any discounts or Council Tax Support you are entitled to
  • divide the remaining balance into instalments

If you disagree with the band allocated to your property, you will be able to challenge your Council Tax band after you receive your bill.