Council Tax bands and charges

Council Tax bill - how we work it out

You can download this guide which explains the breakdown of a typical Council Tax bill for 2024-2025.

These are the steps we take to work out your Council Tax bill:

  1. We work out how much money we need to raise from Council Tax - see our planned spending 2024-2025
  2. We divide the cost between all the properties in Central Bedfordshire – we do this based on everyone paying the same (a Band D rate).
  3. We work out how much should be paid for your individual property – this depends on your Council Tax band, and assumes that the property is occupied by at least 2 adults.
  4. We add on the amount you have to pay for Police and Fire service charges and your town or parish council – they work out their budgets separately, but the amount you have to pay still depends on your Council Tax band. You can also view the town and parish council precept.
  5. We award any Council Tax Support and discounts you are entitled to, or apply an extra charge if your property is long-term empty.

We then work out how much your instalments will be – this depends on the instalment plan you are on, but standard Council Tax instalments are spread over a 10 month period, due on the 5th of each month from April to January.

The easiest way to pay your bill is by Direct Debit – find out how to set this up, and about other methods of payment available on pay Council Tax.