Living in mobile and park homes

Information for residents of park homes

Buying, selling and gifting a park home

The following guidance documents have been published by the Department of Work and Pensions, and give advice to anyone intending to buy, sell or gift a park home on a protected site in England.

Buying a park home

Selling or gifting a park home

Will my ground rent (pitch fees) increase each year?

Ground rent ('pitch fee', as a legal term) as a general rule will only be changed by a percentage equivalent to any change in the Retail Price Index since the last review date. Unless residents and park owners have come to another arrangement whereby additional facilities have been given, ground rents may only be reviewed once a year.

Site rules

Site rules will differ from site to site. You can view (link opens in new window) The Mobile Homes Site Rules (England) Regulations 2014 of which Schedule 5 sets out prescribed matters that are not permitted.

Your rights and obligations

Your rights and obligations are listed in a written agreement with the park (or site) owner. You still have rights and obligations (link opens in new window) as a park home resident even if you don’t have a written agreement.

Annual park home event 2018

The park homes forum is cancelled this year due to extenuating circumstances, but we hope to provide a forum late spring/early summer 2019.

How can we help or assist park home residents?

We can assist residents in many ways, including:

What happens if I have a concern about my site?

To complain about conditions in your park, talk to the park owner first.

If the issue has not been resolved within a reasonable timescale then please either call us on 0300 300 8767 or email empty (link opens in new window) with your concerns.

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