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Houghton Regis developments

About Houghton Regis

Houghton Regis, with a population of around 17,280, is linked to Dunstable in the south. It shares the challenges that Dunstable faces, especially with traffic congestion.

Substantial residential growth is likely to the north of Dunstable / Houghton Regis. This urban extension will incorporate homes, employment, retail, infrastructure, community, and leisure facilities.

It is therefore essential to provide for new town centre growth to meet this extra demand, so that any development proposals can respond to demand as it occurs.

Developments in and around Houghton Regis

Moving forward

A number of major initiatives are helping to transform both Dunstable and Houghton Regis:

Luton-Dunstable busway

The Luton-Dunstable busway now allows Luton to be reached from Dunstable in around 16 minutes, putting Luton’s employment opportunities, airport and fast London trains within easy reach.

Woodside Link and A5-M1 link road

The Woodside Link takes heavy freight vehicles from industrial parks to the M1 motorway. This and the A5-M1 road have allowed the detrunking of the A5, removing HGVs from the town centres.

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