Flooding and flood risk management

Houghton Regis flood alleviation scheme

We are working with the Environment Agency and Luton Borough Council to deliver a flood scheme on the Houghton Brook and thereby reduce the risk of flooding to over 500 properties downstream. The scheme has been awarded around £3.5 million from the Environment Agency to deliver this by 2021.

During heavy rainfall there have been some local flooding issues, in particular where the Houghton Brook joins the River Lee around Toddington Road. To reduce the flood risk, the Environment Agency is planning to build a flood storage area in the form of a large storage reservoir on the Houghton Brook at Houghton Regis. This project is led by the Environment Agency.

The proposed site of the reservoir is next to the M1 motorway, on a corner of the Houghton Regis North development land and the Environment Agency is in discussions with the developers. The reservoir will form part of the green infrastructure between Houghton Regis and the new homes. The Houghton Brook will be an attractive green corridor with public open space and recreational areas, creating a better place for people and wildlife.

Occasionally, the reservoir will be quite a large body of water, but the Environment Agency has told us that this will naturally and safely drain away into the Houghton Brook. As part of this project, the Environment Agency will realign and re-naturalise the Houghton Brook to improve the wildlife and amenity value of the river. It will need to divert the cycleway; however, this will be fully re-instated once the work is complete. The agency says that access to the cycleway will be maintained through the construction phase wherever possible, and they will aim to minimise disruption to the local area.

The Environment Agency will be liaising with the local town and parish councils to create awareness of the project. It has submitted a planning application: reference CB/18/03685/FULL

For further details, please contact the Environment Agency direct: HNL-PSO@environment-agency.gov.uk.