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Dunstable - giving back your high street

Dunstable High Street project overview

Dunstable's High Street and crossroads have played a key role in the town’s proud history, but over the years increased levels of traffic have led to heavy congestion and caused the town centre to lose some of its sparkle. We want to build upon Dunstable’s existing heritage to create a new and improved, people-orientated High Street with the feel of a market town which caters to the needs of both locals and visitors.

Now that the Woodside Link and A5 - M1 link roads are open, heavy lorries and motorway traffic are being taken away from the centre of Dunstable and the High Street is no longer the main through-route. Highways England is providing £1.5 million of funding for Dunstable in recognition of the impact of the heavy traffic had on the town. This will allow us to start making much needed enhancements to the High Street. We will continue to bid for more funding so we can undertake further improvements.