Transport strategy

Local Transport Plan Rural Area Matched Fund

The rural matched fund helps local town and parish councils fund transport infrastructure schemes in their area with matched funding from Central Bedfordshire Council. This allows town and parish councils to deliver local infrastructure improvements which are not prioritised as part of the Local Area Transport Plan process.

A total of £375,000 is being made available during 2014/15 to match fund schemes. This is the maximum for which town and parish councils can bid for, but all are encouraged to limit their applications to a maximum of £50,000 per scheme. To be updated

The matched funding is being made available to town and parish councils with a focus on the more rural areas of the authority. A financial contribution is expected from the town or parish council. The higher the proportion of funding for a scheme provided by the town and parish council, the more likely the bid is to be successful - apply for funding (PDF 191.4KB)