Transport strategy

Good transport is vital for everyone who lives, works or runs a business in Central Bedfordshire. We’re responsible for every aspect of transport across our region, and this means we have to plan a long-term strategy.

myjourney is our new Local Transport Plan (link opens in new window), and sets out our aims and objectives for the next 15 years. It reflects national government guidance and local needs on transport, local transport priorities, local travel patterns and how much money there is available.

It’s based on the following studies:

Journey to Work Evidence Base (PDF 639.2KB)

Access to Services Evidence Base (PDF 3.3MB)

Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (PDF 3.8MB)

Freight Strategy (PDF 1.1MB)

Walking Strategy (PDF 1.3MB)

Cycling Strategy (PDF 1.9MB)

Public Transport Strategy (currently in development)

Car Parking Strategy (PDF 2MB)

Transport Asset Management Plan (Framework)

Strategic Environmental Assessment (including Health Impact Assessment) (PDF 1.5MB)

Equality Impact Assessment (PDF 206KB)

Habitats Impact Assessment (PDF 931.5KB)

Engagement and Consultation Report (PDF 1.6MB)

You can download them, or if you prefer, see them in your local library.