Transport strategy

Local Transport Plan

Local Transport Plan 3 (LTP3) set out our transport priorities for 15 years (from 2011-2026). Since 2011 there have been several changes that have affected transport priorities for Central Bedfordshire. These include the release of new national guidance such as LTN 1/20 Cycle Infrastructure Design; the adoption of documents such as the Local Plan and the Sustainability Plan; and the impact of Covid-19. We have therefore decided to start work on our new Local Transport Plan (LTP4) to ensure that these changes and others are captured, and so that the types of improvement schemes that are delivered reflect them.

Commencement of work on LTP4 was approved at Executive in April 2022, with the view of having new documents approved and ready for adoption by spring/summer 2026. Documents that relate to LTP3 will remain active until they are superseded by updated LTP4 documents.

Local Transport Plan 3 strategy documents:

Local Transport Plan 3 supporting documents:

Local Transport Plan 4 supporting documents:

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