Highways development management

Planning applications: highways information and transport statement

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Highways information

To facilitate the expeditious checking of the highway aspects of development proposals, developers are encouraged to ensure that the following basic highway design information is provided as part of their planning application. Without this information, the process to check the acceptability of the highway design aspects of development proposals will take much longer and may result in formal requests from us for this information to be provided before the development proposals can be accurately assessed.

Our Highways Development Handbook (PDF) summarises the main criteria to take into account when considering the highways and transportation implications of proposed development.

Please note that, whilst the handbook provides a useful overview, we still advise that applicants seek bespoke advice, specific to their development site.

Transport statement / assessment

As a general guide, for developments of 50 or more dwellings, developers should submit a Transport Statement. For developments of 80 or more dwellings, developers should submit a Transport Assessment. However, the requirement for a Transport Statement or Assessment should be agreed in the first instance via the pre-application process. The content should generally be consistent with the guidance given in the now archived, Department for Transport publication: Guidance on Transport Assessment (March 2007).

Further advice is also provided within the our guidance note: Transport Statements and Assessment (PDF).

Further details on the thresholds required for all developments and what to include in a travel plan are available in our Guidance for Travel Plans and Transport Assessment (PDF 1.3MB) (download appendices (PDF 1.3MB) ).