Highways development management

Highways searches

The Highways GIS team answer queries on the series of standard enquiries in relation to the highways aspects of the second part of a Local Land Charge search which is known as the 'CON29R'.

In addition, the team is responsible for providing answers to highways questions on personal searches via solicitors and public enquiries.

This includes information such as whether a road is publicly adopted, details of the extents of a public highway, details of highway proposals / schemes, and details of private roads. The team also maintains the public registers for Section 38 and 278 agreements.

A highway search may be required when you are buying or selling a house or other land in order to identify the extent of the publicly maintained highway and any road proposals which may affect the value of the property.

We are the highway authority for Central Bedfordshire and hold information about the status and extent of the public highway. This covers trunks roads and motorways that run through the authority area although these roads are managed and maintained by Highways England (formerly known as the Highways Agency) rather than by us.

Official Land Search information

Official land searches are conducted by the Land Charges Team. Please refer to our Local Land Charges page for more information.

Please note that although we are responsible for holding the highways information required to respond to CON29 enquiries to a local authority, we are not responsible for any responses compiled by personal search companies.

Highway searches direct to us

If you only require answers to the highway related parts of the CON29 search, these can be requested from the Highways GIS team directly.

If you just need to know if the road the property is located on is publicly maintained and a Yes/No answer will suffice, this information will be provided free of charge. Requests for this information should be submitted using our e-form. We aim to respond to these searches within 10 working days.


If you require us to provide a plan which shows the extent of the highway or you wish us to mark up a plan you provide, a charge of £32.44 (inc VAT) will apply. This covers a single road or junction. If a plan showing the extent of the highway is required in addition to CON29R or CON29O information, a charge of £55.94 (inc VAT) is payable for a single road or junction.

If the information required covers more than a single road or junction, a quotation of cost will be needed before any work is undertaken. Please email highwaysearches@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk to obtain a quote.

1. Pay online for your highways search >>

(Select 'Miscellaneous' on the payments page for the 'DMHighways' payment option. You will be given a payment reference number which you will need when submitting your search request.)

2. Submit a highways search request >>

Once your application form is validated and the correct fee is paid, we aim to respond to your request within 10 working days.

Copies of Section 38 and Section 278 agreements should be obtained from Bedfordshire Archives Service at deeds.registry@bedford.gov.uk. You must provide them with the street name, town, the phase and name of the development and the date of the agreement, all of which can be found on the local authority search results. Please be aware that there are charges associated with the supply of this information.