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Conservation areas and planning permission

Permitted development rights are stricter for properties within conservation areas. This means that you may need to apply for planning permission for certain types of work which do not need an application elsewhere. This could include making alterations to the roof, satellite dishes and cladding.

Please contact us for advice on whether or not you need to make a planning application, or use the interactive house on the Planning Portal (link opens in new window).

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You can find conservation areas plus access a range of really useful information about the area you live in, just by entering your postcode on My Central Bedfordshire. This also allows you to see the ward you live in, your local councillor, planning applications around you and a lot more.

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Conservation area consent is required for the demolition in whole or part of most buildings and structures, including walls and outhouses. If you are thinking about the demolition of a building, please contact us for advice.

Works to trees

If you wish to fell, lop, top or uproot trees within a conservation area, you must give us 6 weeks notice in writing. It is an offence to carry out the work during those 6 weeks without our consent.

Permitted development - Article 4 Directions

Some conservation areas have Article 4 Directions. This means that planning permission is required for all householder development. The following conservation areas have Article 4 Directions:

  • Toddington
  • Husborne Crawley