Trees and high hedges

Trees in Conservation Areas

We protect trees in conservation areas to conserve the special character of the area.

Some trees may also have tree preservation order (TPO) on them (in which case you will need to make an application to carry out works on a TPO tree).

Carrying out works

Start a planning application on Planning Portal website >>

Download tree works planning application form (PDF 540.7KB)

You must complete an application form at least 6 weeks before starting any work.

You must not carry out any work during the 6 week period, which starts when we receive your notification, unless you receive written permission from us.

We will acknowledge receipt of your notification and may carry out a site visit to consider the proposed work.

We will then consider your proposal and decide:

  • if the work is allowed
  • to serve a tree preservation order to control the proposed work

We may also write to local amenity groups or parish councils to tell them about your proposal.

We will enter your proposal in the Register of Proposed Work to Trees in a Conservation Area.

View the register of proposed work >>