Trees and high hedges

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Tree preservation orders (TPOs) can be placed on an individual tree or a group of trees or woodland, including hedgerow trees and fruit trees (but not hedges, bushes or shrubs), that need to be protected from damage or removal.

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TPOs protect trees which:

  • have a significant impact on their surroundings, for example, they form an important feature within the local landscape
  • have an historical association with the local area
  • are of a rare species

Trees are given immediate protection. This lasts for 6 months once a new TPO is made and long-term once we confirm the order.

You must apply for permission to any tree works to a tree protected by a TPO. This includes cutting down, pruning or activities that could damage the tree (including its roots).

It is illegal to carry out works to a tree protected by a TPO without permission. You could be fined up to £20,000.

View the guidance on how to submit an application to carry out works to a protected tree.

Trees removed without permission must be replaced. It is free to apply to carry out works to a protected tree.

If a tree is dead or dangerous, you do not need to make a normal application, but you must give us at least 5 days notice of your proposed works to the tree. 

This includes the removal of dead branches from living trees. If there is an urgent risk to safety, notice should be given as soon as possible after the work is carried out to make it safe, however, we strongly recommend that you collect evidence to show that the tree was dangerous (e.g. photographs and / or a tree surgeon's report) as we may require proof at a later date.