Trees and high hedges

Report problems with trees

Trees on public land and roads

To report a fallen tree please call us on 0300 300 8049.

Nuisance trees belonging to neighbours

Trees overhanging boundaries

You can prune back overhanging branches to your boundary without asking your neighbour. We recommend speaking to them first, though.

You must offer all cuttings back to your neighbour. Don't throw them over the fence.

If your neighbour doesn't want the cuttings, you'll need to dispose of them.

You will need to notify us before carrying out any works if the tree is:

Ivy on trees

Ivy causes no direct damage to trees.

Trees causing poor satellite and TV reception

By law, you're not entitled to television reception.

Trees and utility services

It is unusual for roots to break drains and pipework. However, tree roots can attack old pipes with poor joints. When repairs are needed, too many tree roots often lead to blaming a nearby tree.

Your home insurance could help if you feel roots are responsible for any damage.