Safety Advisory Group

Guidance for event organisers

Much of the guidance linked here is from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website (link opens in new window). However, please note that the Purple Guide (link opens in new window) is the industry standard for events management and you should consult this wherever possible.

Contact the Safety Advisory Group

If you need an specific advice or guidance on organising your event please contact the safety advisory group:

Telephone: 0300 300 4439

General event management

Aircraft and use of the skies

Alcohol, live entertainment and noise management

Animals and events


Fireworks and special effects

Incidents and emergencies

Risk assessments and fire safety

Temporary structures


Transport and highways

Other useful guidance

Temporary toilets and sanitation provision

Public toilets and hand washing stations must be provided by the event organiser based on anticipated peak attendances at any one time. If you enter 'festival toilet calculator' into your internet search engine there are many companies that provide a free calculator based on number of attendees at your event.

As a general guide for events with a gate opening time of 6 hours or more:

  • 1 female toilet per 100 people
  • 1 male toilet per 500 + 1 urinal per 150

For events with a gate opening time of less than 6 hours duration:

  • 1 female toilet per 120 people
  • 1 male toilet per 600 + 1 urinal per 175
  • disabled: 1 toilet with hand washing facilities per 75 disabled people