Safety Advisory Group

What is expected of organisers?

For any event being organised it is expected that a competent (appropriately trained, skilled and experienced) event organiser should ensure the relevant arrangements listed below are planned for.

Where event organisers do not personally have the knowledge, skills and experience to complete tasks, it is expected that they employ competent companies to undertake them on their behalf.

Types of arrangement event organisers should have in place and be able to evidence:

Event plan

Describe the event from the commencement of the build to the conclusion, including the number of expected attendees, trade stands (including type) and points of alcohol sales etc.

Event timetable

From the commencement of the build until to conclusion.

Comprehensive risk assessment

Including all mitigation to be implemented.

Event map

The event map should include:

  • a scaled site plan
  • the position and type of barriers
  • the location and direction of stages and viewing areas
  • the location of fire fighting equipment
  • all access and egress points, including emergency access and egress points
  • the location of all facilities (such as medical care, event control, security points, toilet facilities)
  • the boundary of the event footprint

Other plans

  • event safety - including contingencies for all reasonably foreseeable threats and hazards as identified through the event risk assessment and a comprehensive evacuation plan
  • crowd safety management
  • stewarding and security - with specific information relating to how the areas designated for alcohol sales will be proactively managed
  • traffic management - including a signage plan
  • traffic management - including a signage plan
  • noise management
  • medical
  • drugs management
  • vulnerable persons
  • waste management

Safety and complaints

  • public liability insurance
  • any stage, seating stand or other temporary structure constructed for an event must be inspected and certified safe by an independent Chartered Structural Engineer (CSE) prior to use
  • complaints management process - for the duration of the event (from the commencement of the build to the conclusion of the de-rig)

Contact the Safety Advisory Group

If you need an specific advice or guidance on organising your event please contact the safety advisory group:

Tel: 0300 300 4439