Traffic Regulation Orders - TROs

Types of Traffic Regulation Orders - TROs

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal instrument that enables the Highway Authority (Central Bedfordshire Council) to limit or prohibit the movement of traffic on the highway. They apply to the regulation of speed, weight, movement and parking of vehicles as well as regulating pedestrian movement. In most cases, TROs are made as a result of requests from local communities or the police to address specified road safety issues.

If drivers do not comply with these orders, they are guilty of an offence for which the courts may impose penalties such as fines, licence points or even disqualification.

Permanent Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)

Permanent TROs are intended to be introduced on a fixed and ongoing basis. These include Speed Limits and Waiting Restrictions.

Other Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)

These include Parking Control, Pedestrian Crossings and Speed (Road) Humps.

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)

These are used to cover temporary events such as road works or to avoid danger to the public. They can last up to 18 months and there is no right of objection. Emergency TROs can be brought into force immediately if the Council considers there to be a potential danger to road users and the public.

If you require a road to be closed or a traffic restriction imposed on a temporary basis whilst works are carried out on the highway, please email Please include a plan showing the extent of the temporary restriction / road closure required. We will also require a temporary traffic management and diversion signing plan, which will need to be approved before the scheme can commence. For costs, please read our fees and charges (specifically, Community Services (PDF 65.6KB) and Community Services - statutory fees and charges (PDF 23.6KB) ).

Events taking place on the highway

If you are intending to hold an event on the highway or other council land, you will probably need to apply for a temporary road closure so that the event can run safely. You will need to inform us by submitting details of the event and the associated risks.

It is the responsibility of the organiser to make sure that people are safe. The following guidance notes for Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs) have been produced to assist you with completing the application form:

Guide to applying for a road closure due to an event (PDF 302.5KB)

Application for a road closure for an event on the Highway (PDF 98.2KB)

We hope these guidance notes will help you to complete and check the application with a little more ease. You will also need to complete a Risk Assessment to be submitted with your application.

Risk Assessment for an event on the highway (PDF 138.9KB)

The guidance is divided into parts which include general notes, guidance on completing the application form section by section, for both external bodies including Charitable Organisations as well as Third Parties and other Event Organisers, and the Order making process, once the application has been received by the Orders section. The following additional documents may be of help to you.

General advice for holding an event on the highway (PDF 100.8KB)

First Aid guidance for events on highway (PDF 43.2KB)

If you have any queries regarding application for a street closure, please contact us by email at or telephone 0300 300 5695.