Elective home education

Employing a private tutor

Advice for making private education arrangements

Many parents will, at some stage, think about employing a private tutor to support their child’s learning, or to provide for their child’s education as an alternative to school.

Parents are advised to look at Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 (link opens in new window).

Before engaging a private tutor, we advise you to:

  • always interview your chosen candidates (it's a good idea to interview your candidates at home and introduce them to your child, so you can see how they get on)
  • ask for (and check) at least two professional references which are less than three years old, qualification certificates
  • ask to see a copy of the tutor’s Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check and make a note of the number
  • ask when was the last time they undertook safeguarding training

If there are career gaps on the tutor’s CV ask for (and check) their reasons why.

If the tutor is employed at a school, you can also ask for a reference from the school’s head teacher.

Remember: you are the employer and have the right to ask for this information.

Choosing a suitable place in your home

Once the tuition starts, it should take place in an area that you have easy access to, so you can see what is happening. Make sure that the area is well organised and suitable for studying. Do not use a bedroom.

What to do if you're unhappy with the tutor

If you are unhappy with the way a tutor is treating your child, you can tell them to leave immediately and dismiss them from the position.

If you have a concern about a child or young person, please call: 0300 300 8585.

If outside of office hours please call the Emergency Duty Team on: 0300 300 8123.