School attendance

Part-time timetables – consent

All children living in Central Bedfordshire aged between 5 and 16 years old must be in full-time education.  We are committed to ensuring that all children receive quality education and the council guarantees a robust response to any information received about a child who is thought to be missing out on education.

At the Access and Inclusion Service, we support parents/carers with their legal duty to ensure their child(ren) receive a suitable education as parents/carers are legally responsible for ensuring that their child(ren) attends school regularly.  However, there are some circumstances whereby a short term reduced timetable can assist with full time education being reached and maintained.

We do not promote the use of part-timetables unless they are essential, in the best interests of the child and agreed by the parents or carers.

This process is to ensure that the school application of a reduced-educational provision is time-limited and that re-integration to full-time education occurs swiftly and is appropriate to the pupil’s personal needs, abilities and circumstances.

If your child is on a reduced timetable and you feel this is inappropriate and has been put in place without your agreement, please complete the form via the link below.

Parent/Carer Self Referral Form – No Consent Part-time Timetable