Consultation: Stotfold Library, 2022

Location – Stotfold Library consultation

Consultation closed: Thursday, 28 July, 2022
Consultation opened: Thursday, 5 May, 2022

What would happen to the Simpson Centre?

If the proposal goes ahead and the current library building and associated other wing of the building are no longer required, Stotfold Town Council would aim to sell the site and re-invest the proceeds into the wider community for the benefit of Stotfold residents. Future use of the land has not been determined at this stage. 

Why are we considering the Greenacre Centre as a new venue for the library?

Built in 2016, the Greenacre Centre is relatively new, and its infrastructure is built to the latest standards, both from an energy efficiency and environmental perspective.

The existing community space offered by the hall in the Greenacre Centre was originally designed as a two-court sports hall. It has received only a limited number of bookings for its use since it opened, with the potential hirers of this sort of space preferring alternative local venues.

Stotfold Town Council feels it could achieve better value for money by proposing the library service moved out of the old, tired building into this modern, fit-for-purpose centre. The hall would be in use during the library and café opening hours, which is significantly greater use than the current four regular hirers provide.

Stotfold Town Council would receive regular income from a new lease arrangement with us, should the plans proceed.

Location and access

The existing library is located on the eastern edge of Stotfold, tucked behind the church and residential area, out of sight from the main road. The Greenacre Centre is located in the south of Stotfold. It is close to a park and play area, shops, Roecroft Lower School and is easily accessible from the High Street.

Roecroft Lower School is one of the largest potential customer groups for the library, so relocating closer to the school would increase usage and enable combined events with the school.

The Greenacre Centre has more car parking spaces. There are 20 hard and eight grass spaces, as well as allocated disabled parking at the front of the building. This compares favourably to very limited parking outside the current library, which has five spaces.

The Greenacre Centre is only 0.5 miles away from the current library and both are only a five-minute walk from the High Street.

Stotfold also has a good neighbour group. Stotfold Good Neighbour Group (SGNG) can provide elderly residents and those with mobility issues, transport to and from the library by arrangement. The library already provides a library outreach service for house-bound clients.