Overview and Scrutiny at Central Bedfordshire Council

Parent governor representative role

About the role

The role of a parent governor representative is to:

  • act as a non-political voice for parents in the area; representing to us the main education issues which concern parents of pupils maintained by the authority
  • liaise with the other parent governor representatives on their own local authority
  • attend and contribute to the meetings of the Children's Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and any working group meetings that might be set up by that committee and to which you may be appointed as a representative
  • establish good relations with other members of the Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee and our officers
  • feed back our discussions and decisions made on education to the parents
  • abide by our rules on committee procedures (the Constitution)
  • act with due propriety according to standards laid down for the conduct of councillors and co-opted members in local government

Declaration of results: election of parent governor representative

A parent governor representative has been elected.

Read the Parent Governor Representatives (England) Regulations 2001 on GOV.UK

Timetable for election of one voting parent governor co-optee from our schools
  Action Date (time)

A letter was sent to all academy and special school parent governors, chairs of governors and headteachers seeking invitations for nominations before 4pm on 16 December 2019.

12 November 2019

Final date for receipt of nomination papers to the Head of Governance Services

16 December 2019 (4pm) 
Ballot papers

Voting commenced on 6 January 2020 and details were sent to parent governors with a closing date of 4pm on 31 January 2020*

6 January 2020 (4pm)

Final date for submission of ballot papers to the Head of Governance Services

31 January 2020 (4pm)

The ballot papers were counted and the result declared

3 February 2020

The elected co-opted representative to be appointed up to 30 April 2023

not later than 28 February 2020

The new parent governor representative must take up their position by signing the acceptance of office and code of conduct

not later than 28 February 2020
Meeting Co-opted representative to attend their first meeting for the Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee 10 March 2020

* in the event of an election not being necessary the successful candidates would be required to attend their first meeting on 21 January 2020.