Overview and Scrutiny at Central Bedfordshire Council

Parent governor representative role

About the role

The role of a parent governor representative is to:

  • act as a non-political voice for parents in the area; representing to us the main education issues which concern parents of pupils maintained by us
  • liaise with the other parent governor representatives on their own local authority
  • attend and contribute to the meetings of the Children's Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and any working group meetings that might be set up by that committee and to which you may be appointed as a representative
  • establish good relations with other members of the Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee and our officers
  • feed back our discussions and decisions made on education to the parents
  • abide by our rules on committee procedures (the Constitution)
  • act with due propriety according to standards laid down for the conduct of councillors and co-opted members in local government

Read the Parent Governor Representatives (England) Regulations 2001 on GOV.UK

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