Overview and Scrutiny at Central Bedfordshire Council

Executive call-ins

Decisions made by the Executive (or a Committee of the Executive, individual Executive Member or Officer on a key issue under delegation) but not yet implemented can be ‘called-in’ for reconsideration in certain circumstances. The Overview and Scrutiny Committees have the responsibility for looking into these call-in requests.

According to the Constitution of Central Bedfordshire Council, decisions can be called in by either:

  • an individual member where a decision has particular significance for that member’s ward
  • or the chairman of the relevant overview and scrutiny committee
  • or any 2 members of the relevant overview and scrutiny committee
  • any 3 non-executive members of the Council

Call-ins requested must be made on the relevant form, and reasons for the call-in request must be given. Call-ins can be made no later than midday on the eighth day after the decision is made.

The full Call-In Procedure is contained within Part 4D - Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules of the Constitution.

The relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committee must consider the call-in at the next available meeting. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee has several options after consideration of the call-in:

  • ask the decision-maker to reconsider the decision; and/or
  • make recommendations to the decision-maker for a solution
  • agree with the decision and / or
  • refer the matter to full Council, if the matter relates to an issue outside the Budget and Policy Framework