Equality and diversity

2018-21 Objectives

Here we set out our equality and diversity ambition for Central Bedfordshire Council over the next 3 years. We have set ourselves some challenging objectives (PDF 264.9KB) and actions (PDF 223.9KB) that will deliver better outcomes for the vulnerable residents of Central Bedfordshire, and for our staff.

You will be able to see how well we are doing against our actions as we report on our progress. We publish progress on equality employment (PDF 806.3KB) , setting out how we are ensuring that we are an exemplary employer. We also publish our equality impact assessments (link opens in new window) which demonstrate consideration of the implications on the vulnerable of decisions to change policy or service. Finally, we will publish an action progress report to provide an update of progress against the specific actions we have set out in our action plan (PDF 223.9KB) .