Deferred payments

Apply for deferred payments

Firstly, you need to be assessed.

If you are eligible for a care home placement, you then need to complete a Deferred Payment Application form.

We then use this in conjunction with the other financial information to determine if you are financially eligible.


You should be eligible if you:

  • are assessed as having eligible needs which we decide should be met through a care home placement
  • own your own home (unless your partner or certain others live there)
  • have savings and investments of less than or equal to £23,250 (not including the value of your home or your pension pot)
  • are able to provide security for the debt, usually in the form of a land registry charge on your property
  • you have mental capacity to agree to a deferred payment agreement or have a legally appointed agent willing to agree this

We can refuse it if: 

  • we are unable to secure a first legal charge on your property
  • you are seeking a top up and the amount of the top up does not seem sustainable for the duration of the placement given the amount of equity in your property
  • you do not accept the terms and conditions of the agreement

The Residential Financial Assessors within our Customer Finance team will be able to provide advice around your own circumstances.

Call us on 0300 300 8303 for advice.