Adults with a physical disability

Physical and sensory disability impacts significantly on many people in our area. Physical and sensory disability covers a wide range of conditions and may have a wide range of impacts. It can range from an individual who may have additional support and access issues. Below you will see links to various sections of our website where you can get help and support:

  • Blue Badge - The Blue Badge Scheme provides parking concessions for people with severe mobility problems, designed to help them park close to their destination
  • activities and clubs - Getting out, taking part in leisure activities and socialising with friends can make all the difference to your health and well-being. We have 12 libraries, with a lot more to offer than just books. They run a variety of clubs and activities.
  • disabled / accessible parking - Disabled bays are marked parking spaces reserved for disabled drivers or holders of a valid Blue Badge. They do not provide a private parking space – they can be used by any driver displaying a Blue Badge
  • equipment in your home - specialist equipment is available which will allow you to move around safely and independently
  • support at home - Find out about adaptations and equipment in your home, meals on wheels plus getting help with daily tasks
  • respite care - If you care for someone, you can get respite care