Blue Badge

Disabled parking bays for disabled drivers or holders of a valid Blue Badge

Disabled bays are marked parking spaces reserved for disabled drivers or holders of a valid Blue Badge. They do not provide a private parking space – they can be used by any driver displaying a Blue Badge.

You can apply to have a disabled bay (PDF 105.8KB) provided near your home if you have a problem with parking.

To apply, you must be a current Blue Badge Holder who receives the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance. If you receive the Lower Rate or other such allowances, you will not be automatically considered for a bay unless under exceptional circumstances agreed by the Disability Resource Centre and our officers.

It must be shown that there is a parking problem near your home, and bays will not be provided where there are single or double yellow lines. It also may not be possible to provide a bay in locations where road safety may be affected.

Applicants with adequate off-street parking will not be considered under this policy. Where space is available off-street, but the physical facilities are not ideal, a separate assessment will be made by the Highway Authority.

The need for the disabled parking bay will be reviewed annually and may be surveyed at any time without notice. Bays will be removed if you no longer meet the criteria.