Blue Badge

Disabled parking bays for disabled drivers or holders of a valid Blue Badge

Disabled bays are marked parking spaces reserved for disabled drivers and holders of a valid Blue Badge.

They do not provide a private parking space and can be used by any driver displaying a Blue Badge.

You can apply to have a disabled parking bay provided near your home if you have a problem with parking. To apply, you must be a Blue Badge holder, be a permanent resident in Central Bedfordshire and have a vehicle registered at your home.

You should be in receipt of the enhanced mobility rate of the Personal Independence Payment or, for children under 16 and those born on or before 8 April 1948, the higher mobility rate of the Disability Living Allowance. If you do not receive either of these benefits, a supporting letter will be required from your General Practitioner, providing information about how your disability affects your mobility.

There must be a parking problem near your home and applicants with adequate off-street parking will not be considered, unless off-street parking facilities are unsuitable. Where road safety is likely to be affected it may not be possible to provide a bay.

Please read the Disabled Persons Parking Bay Guidance Document for more details. Existing disabled parking bays will be reviewed periodically and may be removed if they are no longer required.