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Lifeline alarm - emergency alarm service 24 hours a day

Lifeline is a an emergency alarm service, providing assistance at the touch of a button - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is run by Central Bedfordshire Council and monitored by a dedicated alarm monitoring team.

It is available only to residents living in the following areas:

  • Dunstable
  • Leighton Buzzard and Linslade
  • Houghton Regis
  • Barton-le-Clay
  • villages surrounding these areas

Lifeline alarm pendantHow does the Lifeline emergency alarm service work?

Lifeline alarms operates over the telephone network and is easy to install.

A small button is worn when you are at home – as a pendant or on the wrist so that in the case of an emergency the alarm button can be pressed to call for help.

This automatically alerts the Lifeline control centre where staff can speak to you even if you are unable to reach the phone, as the system can use the alarm unit as a loudspeaker.

When the call is received, Lifeline staff will see your details on the computer screen, together with names and addresses of doctors, relatives, etc.

Once the control centre has established the problem, then the appropriate help can be sent.

This could be a neighbour, friend, relative, Supported Housing Officer from the council or Emergency Services.

All calls are recorded for monitoring purposes and are confidential.

Who is Lifeline emergency alarm service for?

Lifeline is designed for anyone who feels vulnerable or at risk fro any reason, whatever their age.

Some groups of people who could benefit from the service include:

  • vulnerable people living in their own homes or rented accommodation
  • people being discharged from hospital
  • people receiving community services, including occupational therapy, community nursing and support from a social worker
  • people receiving rehabilitation support
  • people with sensory or physical impairment
  • those at risk from intruders/harassment
  • people in receipt of care services may also wish to consider having
  • a community alarm
  • anyone who simply desires peace of mind

Is Lifeline easy to install?

The Lifeline unit can be installed quickly and easily. All you need is a modern telephone socket and a nearby electrical socket.

Is there anything I need to do to qualify for Lifeline emergency alarm service?

The only thing we ask is that users of the service either have a key safe installed outside the property or that they identify 1-2 key holders who are willing to assist if they need help.

How much does Lifeline emergency alarm service cost?

There is an installation cost and then a weekly cost.

The installation cost is £27.60. This charge can be spread over three months as part of the direct debit payment.

The cost of the Lifeline emergency alarm service is £3.90 per week / £15.60 per month (2019 prices) + £2 for Digital system Sim card, excluding VAT.

Many people, depending upon their health situation, do not have to pay the VAT charge.

The charge includes the monitoring of the service and equipment as well as Supported Housing Officer response service.

This response is for a Supported Housing Officer who would be called upon in the event your key holders are unavailable (key safe required).

How to apply for Lifeline emergency alarm service

We are always happy to give free in-home demonstrations, without obligation, to anyone interested in the Lifeline service.

You can apply online for this service.

Lifeline referral form >>

In addition to the Lifeline Service we can also offer a community support service

We can help people who:

  • are being discharged from hospital
  • need to gain access to other services but are not sure where to turn
  • are living with bereavement
  • are living with illness or disability
  • have financial problems or need benefits advice
  • are socially isolated or lonely
  • are lacking confidence
  • lack numeracy or literacy skills
  • need advice on technology or equipment to aid further independence
  • access community services, including occupational therapy, community nursing and social work support
  • who currently have a Lifeline and now wish to have an independent living officer visit, too

There may also be something else that is not mentioned on this list that is stopping you from being as independent as you would like to be. Please get in touch with us - we can talk it through with you and provide you with help and guidance where necessary.

Where will the support be given?

Community support will be given in your home at a time to suit you. An independent living officer will contact you to arrange appointments.

How will the support be given?

Your needs will be discussed with an independent living officer who will draw up an agreed support plan with you. Support can be arranged in 1 hour slots, or in a block of 6 hours.

Support will be given until the identified issues on the plan have been addressed. After this period the independent living officer will discuss with you if further support if required. You can sign up for further support at a later date if your circumstances change.

For further information about our community support service, please contact our independent living officers on the numbers below.

Please call us (9am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday) to arrange a home visit or to obtain more information:

Telephone: 0300 300 8146