Local Offer for care leavers

Legislative context

Preparing for adulthood

Section 1 outlines 7 Corporate Parenting Principles local authorities must have regard to in their work with these children and young people.

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Young people at a table

Before publishing its local offer for care leavers (or any updated version) a local authority must consult relevant persons about which of the services offered by the local authority may assist care leavers in, or in preparing for, adulthood and independent living.

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Action plan


Our offer is to ensure all of our children and young people in Central Bedfordshire are happy, safe and healthy.

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Being healthy and knowing how to access support

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The health and wellbeing of young people matters to us.

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Education, training and employment

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The Virtual School Team is a small multi-disciplinary team working to raise the educational attainment and attendance of children and young people.

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Community and society

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Lifelong Links helps to find and bring together people who care about individual young people.

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Accommodation and where young people live

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There are different housing options available in Central Bedfordshire, some with support included and some without.

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Being prepared to live independently (the skills young people need): our commitment

Care leaver app

We want young people to be as prepared as possible when they move to live independently for the first time.

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Accessing advocacy and social care records

Advocate support

Advocacy is about supporting children and young people to make sure that their rights are respected and their views and wishes are heard at all times.

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Help with finances

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We want to help you set up your first home with some financial support.

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Drive on Bedfordshire's famous track

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Are you between 16 and 30? Ever wanted to drive on a track?

Now you can, at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.

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How we can support you with your benefits or finding a job

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The three job centres in Central Bedfordshire have agreed to support us in helping you with your benefits and finding a job.

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