Transport strategy

Travel plans

A travel plan is a co-ordinated strategy of measures to promote sustainable travel, with an emphasis on reducing reliance on single occupancy car journeys.

Preparing a travel plan will help you to obtain planning permission and is a requirement for most major planning applications. 

We have produced detailed guidance on travel plans that you will need to follow if a travel plan is necessary for your development.

Key objectives include:

  • improving site access and travel choice
  • meeting an organisation's environmental standards
  • increasing business efficiency and equality
  • reducing congestion and demand for parking spaces
  • ensuring adequate provision for people with disabilities
  • providing choice and quality access to key services (such as hospitals, education and shops)
  • delivering local environmental improvements from reduced congestion, pollution and noise
  • tackling social exclusion and rural isolation
  • tackling obesity by providing opportunities for active, healthy travel

You will need to show that your new development supports all ‘smarter’ travel options. 

Travel plan surveys

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